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About Us

Soccer Spectrum is the longest running soccer facility in North Texas, established in 1986 by the Mungioli family.

The family’s love of soccer fueled the idea to build a facility that provides the ultimate soccer experience. A place that provides competitive soccer and a culture that creates lifelong friendships. 

Whether you come to battle it out on the field or spend a fun Friday night watching your favorite team in the bar, you will always have a great time at Spectrum. 


In 2022 Soccer Spectrum started a new chapter to its proud legacy. We have been renovating our facility to add a top of the line outdoor turf field and a covered patio bar. 

The outdoor field will have permanent lights to play for night games and a turf that doesn't get flooded when it rains. No more rainout games or rain delays! 


Our goal with the renovations is to make Spectrum not only your place to come play soccer but your new home away from home. 

We are so excited for you to come and experience the revived Spectrum Soccer Community!


Get back to being a team player with our soccer league! Revel in the energy you create by doing what you love in a place that was made for you.

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Renegades Soccer Club has a vision to "change the culture of North Texas Soccer."  The mission is to develop the player to reach their fullest potential as well as to foster the love for soccer.

Their Academy as well as many of their teams practice on our brand new outdoor turf field.

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