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Spectrum Soccer is one of the oldest Indoor Soccer facilities in North Texas, established in 1986 by the Mungioli family.

The family’s love of soccer fueled the idea of building a destination facility for all to experience playing this beautiful game, while at the same time, staying to share stories of glory days past and build friendships that would last for over 30 years.

Whether you come to battle it out on the field within one of our leagues or to spend a fun Friday night watching the over 50 league match up, you will no doubt run into a lasting friend!

In 2021 Spectrum Soccer started a new chapter to its proud legacy, bringing a renewed energy and vision for the next 30 years. Spectrum Soccer is undergoing a transformation into a 21st century soccer community.  This community will bring new opportunity for the metroplex, while maintaining the understanding of our past and what makes this facility so great, FAMILY!

This construction process will bring our new turfed and lighted outdoor facility to expand on our already awesome indoor leagues! It also established a remodeled interior bar with all your favorites, the ability to now have your favorite Azzurri pizza delivered and a new outdoor bar opening in 2022.  The rejuvenation makes Spectrum not only your place to come and play soccer but your new destination to watch your favorite Futbol or Football teams.

We are so excited for you to come and experience the revived Spectrum Soccer Community!

And never forget to stop by and have Eloy make you a pie to go!



Get back to being a team player with our soccer league! Revel in the energy you create by doing what you love in a place that was made for you.

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Renegades Soccer Club has a vision to "build a leading, sustainable soccer club that grows the number of players who love to play the game."  The mission is to develop the player to reach their fullest potential as well as to foster the love for soccer.  There is a top down belief within the organization that aims to cultivate this vision within the programs that are created and coaches that see them through.


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